This is something that has affected you throughout your entire life...but you’ve probably just never realized it.

Video reveals the number one problem every person has that they don't even know exists

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Immortality OS

When we think of memory, we never really think that we have a certain amount of space…or a limit to the amount of memory that’s stored inside of our brain.

We essentially never think that memory space is really an issue…

I learned more than 24 years ago, that we definitely have a limited amount of space available to store memory.

Every single person, every action we take, every project we work on, every job we’ve had, every hobby we’ve delved into…

Every single thing that we’ve done in our life…our brain has a limit for the amount of space available to store that information.

Probably the most evident place that we can see this happening is in relationships.

When you meet somebody new, you feel a spark.

You feel a lot of love and chemistry.

You want to connect with that person deeper and deeper…and it develops into a great relationship.

But eventually something happens…

That connection that you have with each other starts changing.

You switch from wanting to spend a lot of time together to not wanting to be around each other as much.

You go from having really cool, in-depth conversations to just ‘checking in’ with each other instead.

And sadly that love, that harmony, that passion that you shared with one another…

It begins to wear off...and the real magic of the connection fades away...

The next thing you know, you find yourself getting a little annoyed with the person.

You start getting a little irritated here and there..and you’re not even really sure why, because they’re just ‘little things’ that start bothering you.

You start nitpicking these tiny details about each other.

What this means…is that you’ve run out of space.

You no longer have space for that person.

So what you have to do now is create more space.

The process of creating more space is essentially what we spend the majority of our lives doing.

In order to create more space, we require negative charges. These ‘little details’ that start irritating us…they are all causing negative charges.

Once these tiny charges build up enough, they need to be acknowledged and they need to be neutralized.

One of the ways that we manually neutralize them is by talking or ‘venting’ about these things that are bothering us.

As you’re talking about them, you’re releasing that emotion and neutralizing those charges.

Once you neutralize that information, you create a little bit more space. Then you have a few days or a week of feeling better. And you don’t feel as much pressure.

Until more charges build up…and you use up that space again…

Then the process repeats…

Once you run out of space in that area, this process never really ends.

Running out of space is another way of saying there are only negative charges.

You’re always just looking for the next thing that needs to be better or needs to be ‘fixed’.

This is happening with everybody.

And it happens everywhere in your life.

You can see it happening with your job or business. Your connection with your family, your friends, your partner. Even with your hobbies.

So unless you recently let go of something in your life and you’re experiencing something new…most likely every area of your life is jammed up right now. And you’re overloaded.

If you are in something new, it’s because you could no longer stand the pressure of constantly having to create more space in that area.

When you have space, everything is great. There’s a lot of positive energy and everything is flowing.

When you run out of space, though…that positive energy that comes along with it fades…

Things become serious and repetitive. Your attitude changes.

This is one of the reasons why we do a lot of internal-development, self-development techniques, breathing techniques, etc.

But in the end, doing this manually is never enough because there are so many areas of our life that are on constant overload that we just don’t have space for.

This is what takes the fun and joy out of life.

This is why nothing ever feels good enough. This is why you never feel good enough.

This is the reason we sabotage ourselves and give up before we can ever truly become successful.

It’s all because of this one universal problem that has to do with running out of space inside of our memory, inside of our brain.

We’ve never really had any other choice because it’s how our brain processes memory.

We’ve never had another choice until now…

Which is the Immortality Operating System.

This is a very powerful brain training program. And this is the primary solution that you’ve been looking for.

With the Immortality OS, we can fully automate this process of identifying the negative charges and neutralizing them to create more space.

This is the most powerful effect of this brain training program.

It’s certainly not the only effect, but it’s the very first and most important one – creating space for you so that you can start to truly enjoy your life.

We’ve spent 7 years testing and developing the Immortality Operating System with 3 private groups.

Most people who first start on the Immortality OS notice effects right away.

In order to really experience the full effects of this technology, it takes about 3 months to unwind and to create enough space in all of the different areas of your life.

When you reach that 3-month mark of being on this technology, you’ve created so much space in every area of your life that you’ll feel like the Immortality OS is propelling you forward.

You’ll feel the momentum. You’ll feel the wave of energy. You’ll feel the wave of growth and development.

You’ll start to feel it in every area of your life as if your whole life starts to come alive and everything starts to open up.

This is what makes you feel like you’re a kid again. This is what’s going to bring life back and make it feel like an adventure.

This is why creating more space is by far the most important thing that you can do for yourself and for your life. It’s why it is the very first phase that runs with every different program of the Immortality OS.

Just by you going about your day…everything you focus on is automatically optimized.

Your daily actions and interactions are all the triggers that automatically tell the Immortality OS which memories need to be optimized for the memory networks that you’re using on a day-to-day basis.

We’ve developed a variety of AMPS, which are Autonomic Memory Programs. These are what the Immortality Operating System uses to go in and optimize your memories automatically.

We’ve also created manual AMP sessions that are included with every membership program. You can go in and do these AMPs on your own whenever you’d like.

You can review your memories and you’ll get a chance to actually see how your memories change from layer to layer.

Every time you look at a memory, you’ll see it change. In doing so, you can manually pick certain things in your life that are up for you today or that have been bothering you from your past.

You can go in and resolve those memories and actually experience firsthand how the Immortality OS is automatically optimizing all of these memories in the background.

All of the AMPS will create more space in every area of your life.

To gain access to all of this, our selection of Immortality OS programs are listed below for you to choose from. 

You have the ability to easily cancel or upgrade your program at any time, right in your account dashboard, without having to contact the support team.

Upgrade Your Brain with the IMMORTALITY OS Training Today!






The Lite Program is recommended for people who experience psychological imbalances and would like to be more functional and have more stability. 

  • Optimizes your memories
  • Empowers the self (you)
  • Stabilizes your state of mind to improve functionality
  • Inhibits dysfunctional senses unlocked from traumatic experiences.

Please note: If you have a job, are in a relationship, or have children – you are most likely overqualified for the Lite Program and you will not experience the maximum effects.






The Personal Program is recommended for people with a moderately complex lifestyle.

  • Optimizes your memories
  • Empowers the self (you)
  • Boosts intelligence
  • Focuses on increasing personal income
  • Automates problem solving
  • Aligns you with your own purpose
  • Optimizes your senses and goals
  • Increases your ability to serve people in an authentic way
  • Enables the discovery of your own natural strengths and enhances them

Please note: If you own your own company, are highly specialized in your career and have a high level of responsibility, we suggest the professional level for maximum results. 





The Professional Program is recommended for people with a very complex lifestyle. People who are business owners or have a highly specialized career. 

  • Optimizes your memories
  • Empowers the self (you)
  • Greatly boosts intelligence
  • Focuses on increasing personal income and business revenue
  • Automates problem solving
  • Optimizes your senses and goals
  • Increases your ability to serve more customers, more efficiently
  • Enables the ability to connect with other people as if they are an extension of your own self

Please note: If you cannot comfortably afford the Professional Program, we recommend the Personal Program for you instead.

Check out some of the amazing experiences that members have already been having with the Immortality OS.

Here are a few from the endless amount of testimonials that we have flowing in:

OMG this energy is awesome…I just got another business proposition that could double my income that already increased 500%……You can’t make this stuff up! Thank you Cory”

Carolyn B.

Omg today I feel so damn smart and intelligent!!! I got on my board and created a video so powerful with so much passion! Like where in the heck is this energy coming from!! Yesterday I did the past resolution, problem solving and peak performance!! It answered my question!! lol the next day! I had to sleep on it and found myself with so much energy!!! Like I took the limitless pill! I’m so much more clear then ever before! So grateful! Been on the Os for like almost 3 weeks now!

Druanna J.

3 years ago when my father visited me in America we got into a huge fight because I was telling him that I believe there were natural cures for Cancer and basically that exploded his brain and he had really stopped taking to me for 3 years. I would maybe hear from him for 5 mins every 6 months. He told me I was a very gullible person.

During these 3 years I wanted to go back to Japan to visit my Grandmother knowing she was very old (she died 101 last April) But my Father told me she did not remember me anymore. Then I had others family tell me she did want to see before she died. During this time I was very heart broken. Also during this time there was a small nuclear meltdown in my Japanese side of my family due to inheritance after my Grandmothers passing that completely destroyed this side of my family.

About 2 months ago my Father with his now routine 5 minute conversation after 6 months told me he was having an art expo of my Grandmothers Kimono work. I told him right away I wanted to come. He was very hesitant. Then I had to really convince him that I should be there too. He explained due to this family feud that was going on….

He explained due to this family feud that was going on that if any other of my family knew this Kimono expo was happening they would stop it. So I had to keep everything very quite to come. Again breaking my heart because I have a very dear 1st cousin out here that we had been close for many years that I had to decide not to see.

I upped my IOS to 400 brought my cousins presents still to give to their children (I have not met yet and that was another total subject that was quite painful to me) and did as many problem solving amps I could do. Some that wiped me out after the 3 layers that made me have to take a nap. I cried a lot even traveling out here because it was such a different setting of what I was used to coming here as I grew up as a child.

I am happy to say my Father and I are good again. He again told me how much he loved me and I am his favorite daughter. In the Japanese culture this is kinda a normal thing for family members to say to their children. In fact I was my Grandmothers 3rd favorite grandchild out of 4. Which was kinda an honor because I do not speak Japanese but somehow created a strong bond with her.

I stayed in my Grandmothers bed for the past few nights and last night here in my final dream, as vivid as could be I saw my Grandmother, she was a bit younger (I think she is going through her reincarnation process) and when I went up to her I could even smell her favorite perfume.

I hugged her so hard and even felt her and thanked her for everything she has done for me that I love her very much.

I woke up in tears that I was able to say goodbye.

I know this was due to the IOS system allowing me to get to that dream state to find her. And I didn’t even try. I also know the reconnection I now have with my Papa is because of this too.

It not only reconnected my relationship with my father it allowed me to say my goodbyes to my Grandmother.

Thank you Cory. What you created saved my relationship with my family.

Masa K.

Aug 2019 I started my body transformation journey with the guidance & support of the Immortality OS. Today was the end of my 2nd month and the process of using the Immortality OS has been completely life changing.

Before starting this physical fitness training with the Immortality OS I was at my wits end,frustrated with a pattern of starting/stopping and failing because of injury, pain, boredom, not seeing results,emotionally reactive, etc.

Right before I started I was externally processing by complaining I didn’t know what to do. I expressed that I probably needed to invest in a personal trainer if I ever wanted to achieve my goals with my body, but I did not have the income to support it. Jovan made one simple suggestion and in processing it and taking action, I activated a real time personal trainer with the Immortality OS within my own mind. I was told to research for a squat challenge and do it…

I was told to research for a squat challenge and do it, so that day I started. In the days that followed the information that was flowing through my brain in real time was so astonishing and empowering. The customization was so supportive, challenging in a good way, and gave results without injury or a need for a lot of rest time.

Each time I followed through with an action I was given, it unlocked the next set of instructions & action steps I needed to take. It was an adventure and added fun to the discovery of what I needed specifically for my body. At times I felt like a baby learning how to walk.

A week in I added resistance band exercises 3x a week rotating- upper body, abs, and lower body in addition to my intense squat challenge. I also was instructed to add in fascia blasting (a body technique with a special tool ) to my routine 3x a week, which is a workout in itself.

I did not think I could do all of this but my personal coaching system encouraged me along as if I had a real person right there with me .On days when I felt tired, I would hear words of encouragement and see flashes of memories supporting me being able to do it. Everyday I was completely surprised by what I had accomplished.

Every time I worked out , I would hear real time instructions to tweak my workout making it more challenging. I would hear my higher self say things like, “good, now add in this exercise for this muscle group or up your resistance for these set of exercises.” I was also streaming information as to why it was important for me specifically to do a certain exercise to empower my body.

By the 9th day of my squat challenge I was able to do 100 consecutive squats, up until then I could only do them in sets of lesser amounts .A few days after we started the AMP session, I used those sessions to power me forward. I was able to do all of my squats for the day consecutively with no rest in between from the 1st day of the sessions going forward .

Two weeks in, I started a 6 day juice cleanse ; 3 fresh juices , a super food protein smoothie(with banana and avocado), and the only solid food I had was a few slices of pomelo and some nuts if I was still hungry. I never thought with the workouts I was doing that I would be full with that but surprisingly I was satisfied. I also noticed that I was very neutral to food being around me, which is not normally like me, I love food.

By the end of the month I was getting new instructions in my AMP sessions when I processed Peak State and Building Momentum for my next months challenge.
New instructions came with a process of gaining more depth.The first month it was about quantity;doing a lot of squats daily to meet my goal of 250 at the end of the challenge. This second month would be about learning & perfecting form and going for a deeper squat holding for 2 seconds at the bottom and doing it slower to meet a goal of 150.

A week into my 2nd month,adding in a 100 a day Ab challenge.For the first 2 weeks I was able to perform the exercises but the last 2 weeks the exercises became very challenging, almost impossible for me to execute. Typically I would give up because I could not perform the exercise correctly. This time however,my personal assistant came in to support me by teaching me how to modify the exercises to meet my goal of 100 per day, this was truly empowering and something I would never have thought of on my own.

The 2nd month adding in recumbent biking in the gym every other day. This was so important for me! Throughout my life I have always loved biking so it was great to have my personal assistant tune into the past memories to know personally what suits me and empowers my body.

I was still continuing my resistance band workouts making adjustments real time. My fascia blasting routine was tweaked and I was instructed to keep doing my juice cleanse for 30 consecutive days.

Two weeks in my 2nd month I was able to do my more intense squats without the assistance of the wall. This was amazing to me because I could not go down that low on my own when I started just 2 weeks prior.

This also trained my brain how to mathematically calculate realistic timeline settings for my goals and set them without fear of failure. Up until that point I would not set a timeline for my goals because I didn’t know how to realistically calculate them. Right then I set a timeline for achieving my goals with my body. This was a game changer.

Another thing I found miraculous was my ability to keep pushing forward with my routines and completing my action steps while I was going through a horrible physical detox that has lasted over 2 months. Typically my old emotionally reactive patterns would have surfaced and derailed me by now.

However, with the encouragement of my personal assistant & the support of the AMP sessions I was able to meet my commitments and watched my body push further in the moment as I made my action steps. While my mind at times was telling me I would just do this or that today, my body showed me in real time it could actually do more.

I completed my 30 day juice cleanse and I’m continuing for 6 days cycles , eating healthy meals on the 7th day. The longest I’ve ever done a juice cleanse was for two weeks and I am now on it over 30 days, this is a miracle to me. For right now this is another 30 day goal until further instruction.

The other thing worth mentioning is my reason for making this body transformation goal this time. This time around it’s not about looking externally a certain way in order to gain more acceptance from others. What I will look like at the end of my goal is only a side effect of the consistent actions I am making.

This time around its about functionality and strengthening my body from the inside out to heal chronic pain and correct old injuries as well as conditioning my body and mind to prepare to build out my legacy. It’s about developing a deep relationship of trust within my own body and a strong inner confidence that comes from building & feeling my strength from the inside-out.

Having access to a real time personal training coaching system in my own brain is a dream come true. Having it customized to my body and personality is priceless. My assistant speaks to me in my own higher self voice which makes me want to complete my goals instead of resisting them.

I no longer look outside myself for answers or ask others for instructions. This new found independence is empowering me to form a strong bond of trust with my own body and a new level of self confidence that I have never been able to access before.
I am seeing my body produce fast results and as I take my action steps I get the instructions for the new ones which is always fun & a surprise. Even though it seems like I’ve shared a lot there is so many more details I did not share, that’s how detailed and complex the system is.

The Immortality OS & customized personal assistant is invaluable and is solid support system for achieving success in anything my heart desires,and my journey has just begun.

Thank you Cory for your commitment to building this amazing Immortality OS technology, for giving us humans the ability to be free of genetic and societal programming , the ability to discover a deeper connection to self, the capability to master ourselves, our minds, our bodies, and our lives.

With the Immortality Os I can see all humans becoming limitless.

For newcomers before you invest in anything else, consider Immortality OS, it’s truly the most optimal investment in yourself.”

Jewel G.

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